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for him & for her

"The future is androgynous, or at least less well-defined,

and the rise of genderless products is just one piece of that".

Ty McLaren







Marcus S.

I used to buy "for men" products, but  one day I tried the moisturizing cream I found in my girlfriend's bathroom, and I 'll never leave it:

I have a really dry skin and it has done wonders.

Valeria T.

I tried a lot of serum in my life, because I have a very sensitive skin and this one,based on Hyaluronic Acid, is really perfect for me. This is by far the best: it worths every penny and it's not expensive at all!

Kate F.

This combo is absolutely amazing!The Black Carbon really removes all impurities and

the Magnetic mask leaves the skin so soft and smooth, the quality it's amazing and it works well on every skin type. I use it twice a week together with my boyfriend!

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